Chestnut Honey (Buzz Brigade) 1kg

Name: Buzz Brigade

Size: 500g, 1 kg

Year of production: 2017

Place of production: Orta Lake, Fenera natural Park.

Organoleptic qualities:

Texture: liquid, very slow crystallisation.

Colour: dark amber colour with red and green undertones.

Aroma: strong, penetrating, floral.

Taste: slightly sweet, bitter, tannic, astringent.

Proprieties: fosters the blood circulation, antispasmodic, energising ,disinfectant
of the urinary tract.

Background history: probably introduced by the romans in I DC. is largely
distributed in the Italian territory with the actions of men that employed it for the
production of chestnut and wood.

Design and artwork label: Luca Carboni

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Apiaria produces monofloral and polyfloral honeys characteristic of the territory:
Acacia, Linden, Thousand Flowers, Chestnut and Honey Dew.
The stationary apiaries are located among the hills in the province of Novara and in the mountains of Valsesia.They are moved from their locations solely for late bloomings in the surroundings or for a better overwintering.
In total respect of the super-organism hive, we don’t use chemicals to treat the
different pathologies of the hive. Instead we deal with them by using exclusively natural and biological methods. The nectar industriously collected by the bees remains raw, and it is extracted without employing the use of heat nor pumps that alter the structure, nutritional properties, and organoleptic qualities of the honey. This allows us to give the customers a healthy product that proudly represents the area of its production.


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