bees and environment

How we work and some of our projects

Apiaria is invested in a conscious maintenance of the superorganism hive and careful with the integration of the hives and other species in the local ecosystem. 

Climatic changes and environmental difficulties are a tangible factor influencing both bees’ life and beekeeping practice, reason why we are always keeping up to date with methods and technologies, in sight of an uncertain future

Bees play a fundamental role in the biosphere system and their existence is endangered by the rapid mutation of their ecosystem.

We are against the use of chemical pesticides, intensive crops and the improper use of natural resources.

We safeguard the lands where we bring our bees by cleaning from garbage, weeds and by replanting with local plants liked by pollinators.

The presence of beekeepers in rural areas, often highly uninhabited, keeps trails and forests clean and prevents fires.

We believe in the power of a collective environmental awareness and in conscious agriculture. The collaboration between farmers and consumers can create a critical mass and change the future.

Photos by Julien Debey